Collecting waste water and contaminants is essential to meet your environmental goals. Not only do wash racks, wash mats, and wash booths provide a platform to responsibly collect wash water from the job, they also allow you to safely dispose of any solids that come off of whatever you wash too.

EWR wash racks mean that getting in compliance with EPA rules and ever-expanding environmental laws just got easier. Our portable wash rack system allows you to quickly deploy a complete Wash/Collect/Recycle or Pre-Treatment system in a fraction of the time it takes to construct a wash rack. Our modular systems can accommodate any size equipment you need to wash.

Why Thousands of our Wash Racks are in Daily Use:

Walls typically serve two purposes, to keep thing out and to keep things in. With water, our walls are meant to keep things in. Wash racks are an excellent means of collecting wastewater and debris while washing. But without walls, overspray and carry-off mean that you are not being 100% efficient with water recovery.
Wash rack walls are available to 6' outdoors and much higher indoors. They can be placed on one side or all sides, whatever you need to get the job done right.

Find out how our wash sites can help aquatic invasive species prevention


Ramps provide you the access required to load equipment onto wash racks or drive vehicles on and off for washing.

Wash rack options

See the different options available for wash racks.